Readers ask: Where To Find The Flowers For Klara Bouquet?

Where are the flowers next to godliness?

Where to find flowers in Next to Godliness quest? After you deliver the wine, Hans will send you to get a bunch of flowers for Klara. The bouquet should include poppy, dandelions, sage and roses. You can find all of these in the Upper Castle gardens (the game will let you know once you’ve completed the bouquet).

Where can I find rose KCD?

Go through the northern gate of Rattay and enter the training area within the city walls through the right entrance. Then turn right, go past the well, and through the door under the stairs to find the roses.

Should I let Theresa win the race?

It doesn’t matter if you let her win the game or not. Afterwards you must run after Theresa to pick up the laundry outside. A thunderstorm has just started so you must run back to the barn to seek shelter. That’s it.

Where is Hans Capon after the prey?

You’ll find Capon in the courtyard next to his horse and two dogs.

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What’s next to godliness?

The proverb ‘ cleanliness is next to godliness’ expresses the idea that those who are pure and wholesome are close to God. When the proverb was put forward, in the 17th century, cleanliness (or clenlynesse or cleanlines as it was spelled then) referred to both moral purity and to personal hygiene.

Is next to godliness timed?

After The Prey, Henry goes to visit a recovering Hans Capon in Rattay, who asks him to sneak to the Bathhouse in order to have a bit of fun. This is a timed quest, and once your adventures in the Bathhouse begin, you must finish by the morning – so get there early and complete it quickly.

How do you get to the upper castle in Kingdom Come Garden?

Head to the soldier barracks near upper Rattay. Near the gate all the way to the left is a door underneath the stairs. This leads to the castle garden.

How do you get Sylvan red wine?

This Sylvan red wine is a quest item in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. To obtain this wine, Henry must ither use his lockpicking and stealth skills or take Sir Hans Capon’s keys.

Where can I buy a KCD pitcher?

How to Obtain

  • In the wine cellar of the Rathaus of Rattay, guarded by the Cellar guard of Rattay, on a barrel.
  • One can be found in Father Godwin’s house, in his bedroom. His house is next to the church of Uzhitz.

How do you steal the wine Hans?

Hans will turn his nose up at the local wine on offer at the bathhaus and demand that you fetch some Sylvian Red from the Rathaus cellar. Agree to fetch it for him, but before you leave it’s very important that you take Sir Hans’ keys from the chest next to the bath he’s sitting in.

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Where is Hans capon?

The seventh main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance titled “The Prey,” has you finding Lord Hans Capon at Rattay and competing against him in a hunting competition. Considering it’s a main story quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, it’s easy enough to find, just look for Capon in the courtyard of Rattay around dawn.

Where is the Rathaus in Rattay?

The Rattay Rathaus is located on the main square of Rattay. The Bailiff and the town scribe, Friedrich, can both be found there.

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