Often asked: How To Make Cupcake Flower Bouquet?

How many cupcakes are in a cupcake bouquet?

Cupcake Bouquets are made up of 7, 14 or 19 cupcakes with a rose buttercream swirl on top hand tied with cellophane, tissue paper and co-ordinating ribbon.

How do you wrap a cupcake bouquet with cellophane?

Wrapping cellophane around the box gives a really professional finish and makes travelling with the bouquet easy. Simply wrap the cellophane around the box, secure the sides with a little cellotape and tie the top with a bow.

How do you keep cupcakes from falling off bouquet?

For the bottom row, it is helpful to slightly angle the toothpicks up, so that the cupcake rests on them at a 45° angle instead of a perpendicularly, so that they have a little something extra keeping them from sliding off of the bouquet. Repeat until the ball is covered in cupcakes.

How do you decorate a cupcake bouquet?

You can use any cupcake flavor for your arrangement. You can never go wrong with vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or strawberry! If you want to get fancy with your flowers, use multiple colors of frosting. Place each color in its own piping bag and then place the bags inside a another bag.

How do you wrap cupcakes in tissue paper?

I cut down my tissue paper to a 5×5 square (sizes will vary by cupcake). Gather the sides of the tissue paper and wrap it around the cupcake. Stick your cupcake and tissue paper wrap into the cup. Ice your cupcake, making sure the icing doesn’t touch the tissue paper.

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