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  • Holiday decor inside the flower shop



    Lots of beautiful ornaments, pretty decorated Christmas trees, gift boxes, candles and more ready for holiday gift giving! Fresh evergreen and floral centerpieces available, too! Stop in to treat your senses with Christmas delight at Flowers by Lynne!

  • Holiday open house


    Thanks to all who attended our Holiday Open House this year. If you weren’t in the holiday spirit when you came in you certainly were when you left! Pictures with Santa will be at Flowers by Lynne, thru Arc Photographic Sponsored by Raymond Kiwanis Club Saturday November 27th 11am to 2:30pm and also on December 11th same time. Santa will sit by our beautifully decorated fireplace & holiday trees, no other setting like this, you cant get this type background setting at the malls! Stop in for details.


    Dont forget to get your tickets to the Willapa Helping Hands Tour of Homes. You can purchase your tickets at Flowers By Lynne! The event is scheduled for Sunday December 5th from 6pm to 9pm. The participants will have their homes decked out in their holiday best, and we are included in the tour this year! Stop in for more information or to get your tickets.

    Next special evening is December 9th, when we dim the lights and stay open late! Very beautiful in the shop at night when the lights are down low. Also we have our mitten tree up and are taking donations. It’s gonna be a cold season so we will need lots of donations to help keep the local kids warm. (Mittens, scarves, hats, coats dont have to be handmade) All items will be distributed locally thru the Willapa Harbor area.

  • Update


    Got a few good ideas for the holidays at the gift show. Can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but we gotta get what’s left of summer over, if you could call it summer lol. Hope we get a few nice warm days at the end of September! Fall & Halloween merchandise is out now, here is a picture of the table done up bewitchingly!

  • Shopping


    Going to the Gift Show in Seattle today, hope to find some new trends... The holidays are coming and we are already getting ready!

  • Not afraid of color??


    Over these last few dreary weeks of summer, we have been busy changing the color pallette in our store..we took down the old pegboard that has been on the main wall for almost 20 years (can you believe that we have been in the building that long?) and put up some new paint. When my husband Les, put up the first stroke of the yellow/gold paint on the wall I thought OH NO this can’t be the right color! I called Sharon & Nancy and they said yes it was the time he got done painting the wall, painted the top shelf black, put the twigs/birdhouses on the top shelf and got the store back together it looked GREAT! Wow, I was afraid of color and now I love it! It makes the wall pop! So bright & cheery! Soo..poor hubby got to paint a few more things. He painted 2 shelves a very bright teal blue. It really catches your eye when you come in. It looks nice and fresh! Gosh now only if I wasn’t so afraid of a little change of colors at home. I gotta get rid of my boring beige walls...

    pic pic
  • Satsop River Rock Fest Reunion Show



    Hey past Hippies and present Hippies, are you going to the Satsop River Rock Fest Reunion Show at the Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam on July 31? I can’t believe it has been 39 years since the first fully permitted outdoor rock festival in the US! and it was held on a farm in rural Satsop! I wasn’t quite old enough to go, but wished I could have. I was a Hippie, or so I thought I was, I had the jewelry, the macrame purses, the long hair, and of course a tambourine! I never did runaway and join a band, cause I was too young and missed the festival. So now flash forward, the Peace sign is back, Hippie jewelry in fashion and we have some of it at Flowers by Lynne! Come see what we have and get ready to go rockin at the festival come July 31(I still have my tambourine!).

  • Making lemonade out of lemons by Nancy



    It has been 18 years since Lynne and Les bought the house that is now the Flowers by Lynne shop. It had lots of different trees scattered throughout the property. What is good for a home doesn’t always work so well for a business. The horse chestnut was messy always dropping leaves and nuts, with our rain it was so slippery. The cottonwood was weak and brittle, huge branches would drop on the driveway and street. The beautiful birch trees were hit by cars backing up on a regular basis. The evergreen tree on the alley dripped sap on all our cars, ruining the paint. The PUD has lines in the evergreen, so it couldn’t be taken completely down. We had a tree stump 15 feet high. Oh, what to do? Oh, what to do? Les took recycled fence boards and painted them with different destinations. Some have no meaning at all to us, others have a special place in our hearts. Our customers love to read them. Some have told us they were born or raised near a town and have wonderful stories to share. It IS a small world.

    Little Clay Center, Kansas our Sharon was born there, my Aunt and Uncle had a farm there. Who would have ever thought that our families most likely knew one another and now we are a part of the Flowers by Lynne family.

    Stop in and take a look, you may find a place that is special to you.

  • BRrrr...anyone got mittens?


    I hope everyone is staying warm in this cold spell. We keep the fire at home going 24 hours a day, but sometimes the logs burn down too fast and it gets kinda cold. It doesn’t take to long to warm it back up, though. This cold snap makes me thankful for all the items that have been donated to the MITTEN tree at the flower shop and just knowing how much these items will be used and appreciated in this type of weather. The ministerial association will be picking the items up on December 18. So there is still time for your donations to be brought in to the MITTEN tree. Brrr..just think that there are alot of kids out there that will really appreciate & need your donations! (Blankets, coats, scarves, hats & mittens, home made or store bought, all will be going to our local area children and their families) And also a big THANK YOU to all of you that have already brought your items in!

  • Christmas is coming


    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to dust off the old Christmas decorations (and maybe get some new ones, too) and decorate the house! Time to bake cookies and clean the house from top to bottom getting ready for company. Oh and be sure to clean the chimney: Santas gonna be here soon!!

    Last year we put up a real tree. We are now living in my mom & dad's house, the house I grew up in. It was a tradition that Dad would always get a fresh tree, not always a pretty one, but a real evergreen tree. So we had one last year and are going to get a real one again. The smell of it is wonderful and if you keep it watered (usually twice a day) it was fine. Ours was put up about a week before Christmas. Here is a picture of our last years tree:


    The decorations on the tree will be different than last year, but I do know that it will be a real tree like dad would have gotten, and it will sit in the same spot in the big picture window as all the previous 50 or so trees did. The tradition continues, mom & dad would have loved it!

  • Giving thanks



    Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks for friends & family. Whether you spend it at home or somewhere else, it’s nice to be able to get together with people you may not have seen for awhile.

    Mom always had the traditional dinner, with her best dishes, silverware and of course the best turkey dinner ever! My mom, Stella Jones, was an excellent cook. She made the best little wild blackberry pie in town, or for that matter in the county, with all the Blue Ribbons from the Pacific County Fair to prove it. I may not cook quite the way she did, but sometimes I am known to make a pie just like hers.

    Here is her recipe for the pie dough followed by the blackberry filling recipe (by the way it’s an old family secret recipe LOL, but I will share it with you!)


    • 4 cups sifted four
    • 2 cups shortening
    • 1 tsp salt
    • 1 egg
    • 1 tablespoon vinegar
    • 1/2 cup cold water

    Cut shortening into sifted flour & salt, if you have a pastry blender that works best. Mix well.

    In a separate bowl beat egg, water & vinegar. Add to flour/shortening mixture. Mix well & chill in refrigerator. This is enough dough for 2 pies. (I like to double the recipe and I freeze what I don’t use for later use.)

    Blackberry Pie filling:

    • 3 cups little wild blackberries
    • 1 cup sugar (I adjust this to taste depending on how tart the berries are)
    • 2 tablespoons of flour (for thickening)
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    • 1/8 teaspoon salt
    • I mix all of the above ingredients together and that is the filling for 1 pie give or take.

    Making the pastry:

    Roll out your dough to desired thickness, usually 1/8″ thick. Roll lightly, being careful not to add extra flour that makes pastry tough. Keep pastry circular and roll it about 1″ larger around than an inverted pie pan as that allows for depth. Fold pastry in half, carefully transfer to pie pan. Unfold and ease pastry loosely into pie pan, being careful not to stretch, for this will cause pastry to shrink during baking. Add your berry pie filling. Trim off over-hanging edges with a knife or kitchen shears. I always dot the top of the filling with a couple dabs of butter before I put the top crust on. Before sealing the two crusts together, trim edges as needed, fold the extra edge of the top pastry under the edge of the lower pastry. Seal throughly by pressing together with fingers on edge of pie pan. I use my fingers to pinch a fluted edge all the around the pie. Mom always brushed a little milk for browning on the crust, she would also sprinkle a little sugar on it, too. To prevent edge of crust from burning or becoming to brown, cover with a 1 1/2″ strip of aluminum foil. Mom would score the top crust for venting with a sharp knife, she would always make a letter “B”

    Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. Bake at 425 for 10 minutes, then lower temp to 350, bake for about 30 minutes longer. I always check to see if the filling is bubbling and the crust is nice & brown. Let the pie cool before cutting. I hope I didn’t leave anything out, but if I did, it was because I was reading the old worn out, cooked on, faded recipe card in Mom’s hand writing from her recipe file!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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